Club Re-Opening

12:00 on Saturday 4th July

Initial opening times will be 12:00 to 23:00 Mon to Sun.

The following restrictions will apply:

  • Club members (and junior members) only
  • No children
  • Payment by membership card only
  • Top-up by credit/debit card only
  • Seated table service only
  • Social Distancing – 1 metre plus
  • Adhere to the guidelines for the individual facilities/activities as displayed inside.

In order to facilitate social distancing:

  • Enter by the main entrance only
  • Exit via the 3 side doors only
  • One way system in corridor to the Library
  • Find an empty table for you/your group
  • Join an occupied table by invitation only
  • Your order will be taken at the table
  • Your order will be delivered to your table
  • Please put empty glasses where indicated

This is all new to us as well so please be patient and comply with what you are asked so we can all begin to socialise again in a safe and considerate manner.

Operating Procedures

General Guidance on visiting the club

Our safety is maintained by everyone adhering to the principles of social distancing and minimising transmission through shared infected surfaces. Social distancing is greatly assisted by the adoption of a seated only policy and table service.

These are still difficult and unpresidented times, particularly for our staff who have much more to do in order to help keep you safe. Please be understanding if delays in ordering and getting your drinks occur. There will be unexpected consequences of the actions that we are taking and the numbers using the club is a big unknown and as such we will need to adapt these guidelines in the light of experience.

If any member does not comply with these guidelines either through attitude or the effects of drinking then they will be required to leave.

Lets operate safely and responsibly so we can all enjoy getting back to a level of normality and social engagement.

Using the club building

Enter only through the main entrance.

If you arrive at a time when another group is in the entrance queue with two metres separation between you and the group in front.

Use the wall mounted hand sanitiser inside the main entrance to sanitise your hands.

Choose a free table that has an “I’m clean” sign on it as this will indicate that the table has been cleaned following previous use. Joining an occupied table is by invitation only.

All members of your group should then remain seated unless:-

  • using the games machines
  • jukebox
  • toilet facilities
  • returning empty glasses to the recepticle
  • leaving the club

Your order will be taken by the bar staff at your table, do not approach the bar. Raise your hand or wave to attract attension, do not shout. The staff member will take away the “I’m clean” sign when they take the first order from you.

You can only purchase drinks with a valid member card which should be given to the member of staff taking your order.

You can only top up your membership card with a debit/credit card up to £45 at a time to enable contactless payment. We ask that you let the member of staff take the card and complete the transaction in order to remove the need for you to visit the bar and touch the card machine.

Your drinks and card(s) will be delivered to the table, please ensure that there is space for the staff member to put the drinks on the table without leaning over or getting within one meter of a member of your group.

The volume of the Jukebox and TVs will be reduced to a level that enables conversation without the need to shout or get close.

When you have finished your drinks, please put the empty glasses in the recepticle.

When it is time to leave please leave via one of the three side doors, ideally not the smoking shelter door as this will be two way and there will be members immediately outside the door.

Using the club garden

Differs slightly from the club building guidance as follows:-

Enter the garden via one of the two gates.

Use the hand sanitiser near the door to the Library before sitting at your table.

When using the toilets, enter the building through the main entrance and leave via the one way corridor outside the kitchen and cellar and through the Library in order to minimised contact with those coming in through the main entrance.

Using the Toilets

The toilet entrance doors will be wedged open to give sight of anyone coming in the opposite direction. Use common sense to step to the side or backup to maintain social distancing.

The centre urinal is not to be used.

Please wash your hands before using a cubicle as you will be touching surfaces that will not be cleaned between use.

Please wash your hands before you leave the toilets.

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